DM Series cases are designed for people who want to integrate a Stylish PC into their daily life. With its unique design, DM-Series blend right into your bedroom, Living Room, or wherever your need it to be. It fits vertically or horizontally into the tightest spaces. Whether you want to Hide it or Show it, it's up to you to express yourself to the world. So, what your Vibe?


Solution is what PC Series is all about. PC Series offer variety of selection to choose from. Whether it from Classic to Elegant, or artistic to stylish. Nice way to add some flavor into your daily life. It fully loaded with 300watt PSU, 11-open bays, front access port, and more. Find out why people turn to us for a total solution.


Want to customize your own powerful, expendable personal computer without breaking a sweat? It's affordable and Dependable. It features exceptional accessibility and expandability with 300Watt PSU and total of 10 drive bay. Gives you want you needed out of a PC unit at a reasonable price. It molded with unsurpassed style and rock-solid performance.


Nothing will wrong with Black & Silver combination. It blends in just perfectly. It offers it in a Modish way, just like our unique designed SQ series. Offer the finest in fashion and artistry. It made a great dashing appearance. Packed with 350Watt PSU, easy front access ports, & fully loaded options. Come check out how we combined technology and knowledge into our SQ series.


A graceful elegant design and powerful function, TU-Series will be the perfect chassis for your high-performance system. Build with extraordinary cooling architecture that designed to provides superior airflow and maximum cooling performance. TU- Series carries out strength, durability and reliability all at the same time.


With its durable construction and outstanding expandability, TM Series offer an ideal chassis for your barebones system. It features exceptional cooling architecture and superior airflow to ensure optimal performance for today heat-intensive components. Come check out why TM Series is one of our best seller.


If you're looking for durability, expandability and performance under budget. TX Series will be your # 1 choice. It comes with 300watt PSU, & Front USB/Audio access port. This unit is great for home, business or school. Come see why we call our TX Series - "Versatility".


With its highest quality construction and stylish design, X Series is versatile to accommodate your personal style and perform extreme needs. It tooled with latest features and case technology. It loaded with total of 6 drive bays, front USB port & incredible cooling architecture. Come check out this awesome case.


Apex has earned a reputation for building solid, high-performance power supplies Built with quality components especially designed to offer extra long life and provide maximum system performance protection from over voltage, under voltage and over power. Safe, secure, dependable


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